While each client project is unique, the support and methodology that BlueWater employs is a combination of stellar project management coupled with highly trained, qualified, and cleared technical personnel who have broad experience across the DHS EAGLE II, Functional Category 1 scope that encompasses system design, development & integration (SDDI), software design and development (SDD), operations and maintenance (O&M).
The following examples showcase the creative and innovative solutions we’ve used and the outstanding results returned to our clients in terms of increased capacity and reduced cost.

System Design, Development & Integration (SDDI):

  • For NPPD, National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), we provide engineering and sustainment of a proprietary, software-matrixed, data display that interconnects 15 servers and 200 computers to 50 screens across five display walls and multiple classification levels. The team recently completed a lifecycle design review that evaluated the multi-level network security interfaces, system design and connectivity, and software security implementation requirements to ensure that DHS and agency analysts have the tools and technology at their disposal 24/7/365.
  • For FEMA Chief Information Officer, we embarked on an internet and intranet project with a single test and production environment, end-of-life hardware, and no SLAs. After three years, we matured the project into a performance based contract with 15 SLAs (including financial disincentives). We rebuilt the server infrastructure including separate development, test, staging and production environments, expanded the service offering to include 68 enterprise applications serving up 50,000 pages of mobile-compliant content, added a hot COOP capability with mirrored data, and reduced labor costs by 23%.

Software Design and Development (SDD):

  • For FEMA Public Affairs, our team has completed a complete site redesign that will simplify user content location and disaster-related content, load multilingual content faster, and be compatible with more devices and browsers. The redesign will also reduce the number of file-not-found errors increasing performance and customer satisfaction. The redesigned site is expected to be released in the Spring of 2015.
  • For USCG CG-9, the USCG SENTINEL contract management system started with outdated hardware, software, and constant interruptions in service. The system was not Section 508 compliant nor were there SLAs in place. The team migrated the system to IaaS with separate instances for development, testing, and production and achieved 99.999% uptime. In addition, we upgraded the operating system and databases to fully patched versions that passed security scans. We identified user requirements using visualization software, rebuilt the application on-schedule and within budget, and reduced sustainment support by 33%.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M):

  • For FEMA Public Affairs, we have improved performance, reliability, security, and reduced the cost of web services through the implementation of Google Analytics across more than 50,000 BlueWater-supported web-pages. Over the past twelve months we have reduced the number of “internal server errors” from 5% to less than 0.5%. During the same 12 month period, our weekly response time rating for end users went up from 0.91 (Good) to 0.95 (Excellent). This reliability was achieved by reducing unnecessary complexity and correcting long-standing configuration errors
  • For the FBI, we provide a full range of support services to 11,000 end users at 75 locations to include service desk/call center, incident management, problem management, change management, release management, and configuration management meeting FBI security policies, procedures, and audits. To integrate our service methodology with FBI IT support personnel, we trained all managers and senior staff in ITIL principles.